What is a Computer?


What is a Computer? Throughout history there have been many forms of computers used by man. However, the modern computer is basically an electronic device which can respond to commands. A modern computer is designed to receive either a set of instructions from the operator or a program, and then carry out the required tasks by performing calculations on numerical data or by compiling and correlating other forms of information. Without the development of the computer, our modern world of high technology would not have developed. Computers affect us all and are used in many of today’s industries, some of which are:

• Banking transactions (Autobanks)
• Household accounts (Budgets)
• Automated manufacturing (Producing a modern car)
• Communications (Telephone systems)

• Shopping (Buying over the Internet) In the modern computer world, there are two main types of computers in use, namely analog and digital. This course concentrates on the digital computer, which basically solves problems by performing sums and by dealing with each number digit by digit.

Source: http://www.nou.edu.ng/uploads/NOUN_OCL/pdf/SST/CIT%20101.pdf

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