Understanding the meaning of Business…


The emergence of Business and its activities provides us with necessities of life, namely clothing, shelter, food.. etc..
Business is the activities involved in the effective production and distribution of goods and services for satisfaction of needs with an intention of making profit for growth and continuity.
Business benefits

  • Meeting human needs.
  • Creation of wealth.
  • Creation of employment opportunities.
  • Enhancing of quality of life.
  • Raising standard of living.
  • Creating solution to societal problems.
  • Conversion of gift of nature to goods and services in order to make life easy and more meaningful.
  • Creation of competitive environment for economic development.

Business Resources

  • Natural Resources: This is the Gift of Nature.
  • Human Resources: Work Force, Human Capital etc.
  • Capital Resources: Fixed/Liquid Assets, Financing and Funding.
  • Entrepreneurship: Business Leadership, Risk Takers.
  • Government: Policy Makers and Market Regulators.

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