Receptors are…


Receptors are of kinds and forms. Receptors can be anything or entity that receives and responds to an action, an intrusion, a stimuli or surrounding effect.
Forms or Kinds of Receptors:

  • Physiology Receptor; any structure which on receiving environmental stimuli produces an informative nerve impulse.
  • Biochemistry Receptor; a protein molecule that receives and responds to a neurotransmitter, or other substance.
    • Cell surface receptor; a receptor on the outer surface of a cell membrane that takes part in communication between the cell and the outside world.
    • Nuclear receptor; a receptor found within cells that is responsible for sensing steroid and thyroid hormones and certain other molecules.
    • Immune receptor; a receptor that occurs on the surface of immunocytes and binds to antigens.
  • Receiver (radio) Receptor; a device that receives and responds to electromagnetic signals.

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