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Plants absorb most part of water needed by them through their root hairs. Root hairs are regarded as tubular extensions of the epidermis that greatly increase the surface area of the root. It is also a thin hairlike structure which is the outgrowth of an epidermal cell of a plant root that absorbs water and minerals from the soil. They are constantly dying off and being replaced by new ones as the root grows and extends itself into the soil. Roots varies in two systems which are:
1. Tap Root System: The first root produced from a seed is called the radicle In many dicotyledonous plants this root greatly enlarges to become the most prominent root of the plant and is known as a tap root. Many smaller branch roots may grow from the tap root.
2. Fibrous Root Systems: In monocotyledonous plants, the radicle is short lived and is replaced by numerous roots of more or less equal size. These roots are adventitious which means they can grow from plant organs other than roots e.g. stems.
The image below shows the two types of root system. (a) Represents fibrous roots system while (b) Represents tap root system.

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