Mobile Computing Challenges

Mobile Security
Mobile computing with all its good benefits, there are few challenges to deal with.
Security: Due to its mobility nature, usage cannot be properly monitored. This is because users have different options on its usage in terms of anonymity and location. Improper practices such as hacking, pirating, fraud, misrepresentation, credential issues and malicious destruction are some of the problems experienced by mobile computing.
Viruses: Although there are hundreds of antivirus applications out there, there are still a lot applications that exposes a mobile device to online threats and viruses as most mobile users use more of downloaded or transferred applications rather than use inbuilt applications from manufacturers factory.
Battery Life: As more technologies and applications are being invented yearly to help improve mobile phones battery life span, Users still complain of battery short life span.
Improper Usage: Mobile devices when not properly used can become a threat to a point of claiming lifes. We must have heard cases of improper phone charging, phone placements that has caused injuries or even claimed lifes via wave or heat reactions, electric shock or battery explosions.
Solutions to these problems include:
  • Hiring more qualified personnel.
  • Installing security hardware and software i.e antivirus.
  • Educating the users on proper mobile computing ethics.
  • Auditing and developing sound, effective policies to govern mobile computing.
  • Enforcing proper access rights and permissions.

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