Major Benefits/Advantages of Mobile Computing…


1. Enhanced Flexibility and Productivity

Users of Mobile computing can work efficiently from desired location and time pace, there by increasing level of productivity.

2. Ease of Research

Mobile Computing has extensively made research easy. Users earlier were to go to libraries, physical archives like museums, media etc to search for facts and figures or general information. It is now easy to do all of these without making trips to physical field of information.

3. Mobility Advantage

Users of mobile computing can work without being in a fixed location or position. Their mobility helps them carry out job tasks on the go at different locations.

4. Saves Cost and Time

Cost of making trips to physical field of information i.e library, museums, is greatly reduced. You only need your internet connection and you are few clicks away from accessing all the information in this world to work with. Time consumption while making trips from different locations is also reduced, you are able to save more time to do more.

5. Easy Accessibility and Sharing

It’s so easy to access a wide variety of information, educational materials, music, movies with heavy mega bytes. Mobile phones has now made it possible with various applications to download information in PDFs, MP3s etc. in lesser bytes and lesser time. And with the improvement and availability of high speed data connections at considerable cost, one is able to get all the heavy files formats to access easily or share.

Enhanced Online Presence on the go

Individuals, Businesses, Shops, Stores, Professionals, Public Figures etc are now easily located via mobile connections. Meetings, Seminars, Conferencing, Business partnerships and other functions are now enhanced on the go than ever with invention of mobile computing applications.

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