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Facebook should tell me what to do tonight. It already knows what I like, where I live, and who I hang out with.

Now it will. After accidentally becoming the most powerful force in party invitations, Facebook is jacking us into its omniscient view of the event landscape.

Starting today on iOS, Facebook has a powerful new Event browsing experience. First, rather than suggesting Events on random dates, you can now specify if you’re looking for something to do today, tomorrow, this weekend, or next week. There’s also a “Suggested For You” section based on all of Facebook’s data about you.

Below that, you’ll find categorized suggestions with sections including Music, Food & Drinks, Nightlife, Sports & Fitness, Fine Arts & Crafts, Community, Film & Photography, Performing Arts, and Causes. If you’ve got for a feeling for what you’re up for, whether it’s a concert, pub crawl, gallery opening, or wine & cheese, Facebook can recommend where to go. These can all be sorted by date too so you can find the right place for the right time.

And for extroverts on the move, you can now adjust your location to see what’s happening in whatever city you’re in, or peek at parties in distant lands.

By Sam

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