Dionisio Anzilotti formulated the theory of…


Dionisio Anzilotti formulated the theory of ‘Pacta Sunt Sirvanda’ to explain the basis of international law. Pacta Sunt Sirvanda means a brocard, a basic principle of civil law, canon law, and international law. 

Dionisio Anzilotti was an Italian jurist and judge of the Permanent Court of International Justice. After law studies in Pisa, Anzilotti taught international law in Florence, Palermo, Bologna and Rome from 1892 to 1937.

The principle of “pacta sunt servanda” states that one can obligate oneself legally through contracts.
The principle of “pacta sunt servanda” is not a norm – standards of proper or acceptable behavior.
It is reaveled that the principle of “pacta sunt servanda” neither states anything substantive for a decision and, consequently, has no normative value, nor provides for who decides.
The principle “pacta sunt servanda” does not have a value in terms of legal science, neither theorically or practically.

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