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The Korede performance at harvesters generated mixed reactions from some of his fans and followers of Nigerian music. While some saw nothing wrong with him performing the song in a church, others felt he crossed the line as a secular act who mounted the sacred pulpit.

In an exclusive interview with NET, Korede Bello said he did not regret performing in church and if the opportunity presented itself again, he would gladly do it all over again.
“If you are the pastor of a church and you invite me to perform the song, yes I will perform the song again. It’s God’s song and whatever is happening now is predetermined, people are talking about God that’s all that matters,’” he began.

When asked if the song was designed to be a gospel song, he said: “From the inception of Godwin, I knew that it wasn’t my song, I knew that anything that’s for God has the potential of growing bigger than you imagine. It’s not quite a gospel song, it’s an inspirational song, what I mean by it’s for God is the fact that it’s dedicated to God. I don’t see it as my song, I see it as people’s song and I see it as a song for God.

The US-based pastor, Pastor Olusola Fabunmi of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, City of Faith in Maryland, has used Korede’s performance to question if secular musicians should be allowed to perform at gospel concerts, saying that the church was wrong to have invited Korede, who is not a gospel singer, to perform on their altar.

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