One of the hottest travel deal values: 4 day cruises!


One of the hottest travel deal values: 4 day cruises!

Think you can’t afford to take a vacation? Here we’ve got one vacation option that beats the pants off almost any other vacation deal you’ll find. Cruises are fast becoming the way to go, if you’re looking for a cheap getaway that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, while giving you that much needed escape from the rat race. The 4 day cruises are an especially good deal for retired people and those who can manage to take four days off a Monday through Friday work schedule. If you’re working a regular work week, take advantage of Federal holidays that fall on a weekday to get the best value out of your vacation days. Here we go over the advantages of this vacation plan and how you can make the most of the 4 day cruise vacation.

First, would you believe that a 4 day cruise costs about the same as the 3 day cruise? It’s true. The cruise lines cater to supply and demand. Fewer people can schedule their trip during the work week, so cruise lines reduce the price and lengthen the trip in order to attract a greater number of customers. While many vacationers can arrange a trip that leaves on Friday morning and docks on Monday morning, there are not so many who can take a week off work. Better a full ship than one half full! Pure economics.

The 4 day cruise offers a number of advantages to people who can arrange their vacation during the week. For example, a 3 day cruise originating out of Miami, with a stop at Nassau, runs about $150. By contrast, you can book a 4 day cruise, which also stops at Key West for the same price.

With just a little searching on the net, you can find even more attractive 4 day cruises. In addition to stops at Nassau and Key West, some cruise lines get you all the way to Cozumel, for about $180! Think of the sightseeing and shopping possibilities! Not to mention the sizzle for your buck in terms of kicking back and really getting away from it all!

Some of the luxury cruise lines offer a champagne taste of the luxury cruise, at a very affordable price, on 4 day cruises. These luxury cruise lines want you to become a loyal and enthusiastic customer. They want to show off just exactly how much they can pamper you on 4 day cruises, which might entice you to plan a longer vacation with them in the future.

When you’re planning a 4 day cruise vacation, check out the luxury lines for some fabulous deals. You’ll find that some offer amenities galore, such as on board ice skating rinks, golf courses, rock climbing, swimming and a host of other attractions you might not find at a resort for twice the price!

Next time you’re thinking ‘vacation’, look into 4 day cruises. They are an economical and exciting way to make the most of four days! You deserve a kicked-back, budget friendly vacation! This could become a habit!

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