Ever taken a look at Aljazeera TV online?


Ever taken a look at Aljazeera TV online? They provide a fresh perspective and good journalism!

Both morning and evening, most of us manage to catch a bit of news on TV, from both local and national networks. If you think this limited viewing is keeping you informed on what’s happening in the world, you might want to think again. I’ll admit to being a bit of a news junkie, with more than a little curiosity about what’s happening around the world.

Some while ago, it became apparent that the local news – at least in my area – wasn’t worth watching. The half hour was mostly taken up with a weather report every five minutes, along with ho-hum reports of an incidence such as a cat stuck in a tree which was subsequently rescued by the fire department. Yawn! Perhaps your local news is better and mine simply reflects the minor concerns of my rural location. However, the national evening news isn’t much better. Not enough meat and a whole bunch of fluff.

This is what got me started looking online for international news sources, to broaden my horizons and get a comparative perspective on what people in other countries thought about international issues. I got online and searched out global TV news websites. One of the most interesting discoveries was Aljazeera TV online. Being born and raised in the Western culture, I had little exposure to the views of Middle Eastern cultures.

The Aljazeera TV online website proves to be a valuable resource in understanding both sides of the story. Perhaps I expected a biased view towards the Western perspective, on issues which concern us all, such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, what happened in Lebanon in that brief but devastating conflict with Israel, as well as the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Aljazeera TV online provides an English version, where you can read news stories, as well as view video segments which can broaden your understanding tremendously. Their reportage is of the old style of strict journalism, with unbiased, objective and in-depth accounts.

Like other major online TV news sites, Aljazeera TV online provides videos you can watch online or download for later viewing. You can essentially compile your own ‘news show’ by collecting a number of videos on topics which interest you. For example, if you want to know more about how this global economic downturn is affecting different countries, collect a sampling of videos on the economy from world news sources to hear how people are being affected by job losses and rising prices, food shortages and drought. Did you know that the unemployment rate in Britain has almost doubled in the last year? Or that Israel is experiencing tremendous losses in jobs – there are workers there who, as of March 2009, have not been paid since January.

The Aljazeera TV online website is a good example of excellence in journalism and  helps you gain a perspective on the Middle Eastern views, as well as insights on differences between Western and Eastern cultures. Besides Aljazeera TV online, take a look at the BBC, Jerusalem Post, the French Le Monde, German and Italian online websites for videos on any topic for which you want to gain understanding. Try YouTube’s search box to glean even more resources. By comparing news reports, you’ll be able to be more fully informed. Each might have a different slant geared to their general audiences. This factor allows you to find the commonalities, as well as the unique points made by each journalist. You’ll find these tastes of different cultures and viewpoints, viewed in sequence, are thought provoking and enriching.

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