Adventure travel


Adventure travel is the hottest new trend in travel holidays. Do you have what it takes?

Even seasoned travelers, having visited the far corners of the globe, may be newbies when it comes to the adventure travel itinerary. If you’re looking for adventure, the adventure travel agency is at your disposal! With the current dip in travel, travel agencies are looking for new travel experiences, with a tad more excitement and off the beaten track, that will entice both new and veteran travel junkies to take the plunge. Adventure travel has become a hot trend, appealing to people who want just a little more out of their vacation. How can you compare sightseeing in London, Paris or Rome with an excursion into the Australian Outback, exploring the rain forests of the Amazon, or four-wheeling across the Sahara Desert? There’s simply no comparison.

These less conventional and little traveled roads are not for the faint of heart. Some adventure travel destinations are best suited if you’re fit and strong, such as climbing the Himalayas, or boating down the Amazon River, where there are crocodiles and, yes, piranhas! However, there are adventure travel destinations to suit anyone who has the adventure bug.

For example, visiting the Galapagos Islands, while a less frightening than a pack of piranhas, is a beautiful adventure travel destination, home to wildlife such as the big lizards and giant sea turtles that are not found elsewhere. Think of the photo ops!

Patagonia is another breathtaking region, straddling Chile and Argentina, with its many rivers snaking their way through spectacular mountain ranges – including volcanoes –  and down, through the wild plains of Pampas.

Have you ever wanted to sleep in an igloo? Well, you can! There are adventure travel tours operating in Greenland that allow you to experience life in an authentic igloo. And you thought Minnesota was cold!

There are countless such adventure holidays from which to choose, in locations all over the globe. So how do you find these exciting vacations? One good way to begin your search is with an adventure travel guide book, so you can get a bead on the types and styles of adventurous travel is out there. Once you’ve established the type of adventure you’re looking for, get online and Google ‘adventure travel agency name-of-country/region’ and you’re good to go. You’ll find there are agencies strictly devoted to adventure trips for women.

Given the nature of some of these trips, you might also want to inquire about adventure travel insurance! This brings to mind one adventure itinerary I don’t think I’d have the courage to book: Bolivia’s Road of Death takes you through the Andes on a road consisting of hairpin curves, flanked with numerous cliffs that might go right into the abyss! I don’t think that bus could go slow enough to suit me! Nonetheless, Bolivia’s Road of Death tours are popular!

Many of these adventure holidays are geared towards more than increasing your adrenaline. The travel agencies like to strike a nice balance between the adventure and the relaxing features, nice accommodations and even a bit of shopping.

Any of the adventure trips will provide an unforgettable vacation. When you get home, you’ll not be boring your friends with your photos and adventure tales. Everyone will want to, vicariously, enjoy your adventure travel holiday! They might want to book a trip, too!

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