Adult Education


Feel like you’re stuck in an unpromising job? Look into adult education classes and get out of that rut!

It’s unfortunate that the current public education system here in the U.S. leaves graduates ill prepared for success. A high school graduate will have a tough time making a lucrative career with this basic education. With jobs being at a premium these days, you need to supplement your skills in fields which are in demand. If you’ve dropped out of high school, you’re certainly not alone. The drop out rate is rising exponentially. Don’t give up and get trapped in a cycle of lifelong transient, minimum wage jobs. There is something you can do to turn the tide to your betterment.

If you dropped out of high school, the first order of business is to get your G.E.D. and then  proceed directly to adult education classes. G.E.D. Diplomas are ‘General Equivalence Diplomas’, which are as good as a high school diploma. If you’ve got your high school diploma, go right for adult education classes.

Adult education classes are available through your local community college, as well as in an online distance learning format. Also, look into grants for which you might be eligible to fund your adult education classes. The Federal government provides hundreds of millions of dollars in education grants every year. To learn how to apply for some of these grants, ask for assistance from your Department of Human Resources and Department of Education.

You should first decide what you love doing. Let’s say you have a talent for caring for animals, or there’s nothing you love better than writing. Whatever fuels your passion is your best bet. You’re most likely to succeed in a field that holds your interest and for which you have aptitude. You can find aptitude tests online or through your state’s Department of Employment. You can become a veterinarian or a journalist. Believe in yourself and follow your dreams.

If you don’t have a bead on any career in particular, look on the net for the hot career tracks. For example, medical technicians are now in high demand. There are a variety of certificate programs for x-ray technicians, licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) and pharmacy technicians which require but a short period of training – typically 1-2 years – which will get you into a job which pays well above the minimum wage and is personally rewarding.

Remember too, that, while you’re working at the convenience store or fast food place, you can take your time knocking off those adult education classes. Every hour you spend pursuing a certificate or degree is well spent and an investment in your future.

Go for the gold. Have faith in yourself and your abilities. As Woody Allen  famously stated, “90% of success is showing up”. Don’t give up on life and settle for a dead end. Adult education classes can be the answer to your dreams. Just show up and reap the rewards!

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