40th birthday party idea


40th birthday party idea

If 50 is the new 30, what 40th birthday party idea hits the mark? You can still rub it in!

Men and women alike anticipate their 40th birthday with some trepidation. Somehow, the 40th birthday is one where you start to understand the decades concept in terms of age. During the 60s, ‘Don’t trust anyone over 30’ was a popular phrase with kids who just didn’t get it – yet. The 30th birthday was thus a benchmark for some of that generation, but it wasn’t exactly a mood-killing idea. Most people were just afflicted with a certain astonishment at having reached such an age.

However, when you hit 40, it becomes a little more threatening. How did this happen? You start to realize that events of your youth are what kids are reading about in school textbooks today. Yikes. This can’t be good. So, although some health cheerleaders are now lauding 50 as the new 30, you, the 40th birthday person, don’t believe it one bit. If you know someone who is turning 40, know that you’ve got to inject the event with some humor. Here we’ve got a 40th birthday party idea that works well, even for people who don’t have a great sense of humor!

After all, probably many of the friends celebrating the occasion are in the neighborhood of their own 40th. This means most won’t want to miss the chance to rub it in, in a good-natured way, of course. A successful 40th birthday party idea must be fine tuned to the birthday person’s personality. Our ‘Roast n’ Toast’ 40th birthday party idea is infinitely tweakable. Everyone will have a good time!

If the birthday person is of a more sensitive nature, dreading reaching this landmark age, go a little easier on them. A woman currently lamenting every imaginary line on her face requires different treatment than the guy who’s flying high in his career, while being both fit and handsome. You see what we’re saying here. Have mercy according to the person’s abilities and sensitivities. If you are sensitive to this aspect, there’s no person who can’t be properly roasted and toasted!

You can rent a banquet room, or host your party at home. Banquet rooms somehow infuse such a party with a conviviality and lightheartedness that’s difficult to replicate in the home. Perhaps it’s the celebratory atmosphere, marking this as an important event requiring a more elaborate setting.

This 40th birthday party idea involves everyone in the roast. Set all of your guests to the task of finding a quote, cartoon or joke pertaining to being 40. Compare notes, so there’s no repetition. If you can, there are stand up comics for hire that can do a professional job of roasting. Newspaper clippings of the day they were born can be nostalgic, funny or both. For example, what did Dear Abby’s column talk about? Abby’s photo in the column may be different than in later years. Funny e-cards are another resource. All of these ‘found’ items can be compiled into a photo album format and presented as a memento at the end of the evening.

The roast in our well-balanced 40th birthday party idea, is followed by the toasting portion. This is where you make up for all your bad behavior, soothing and stroking the honoree with nice gifts. Get a little extravagant if you’ve been especially mean! An afternoon at the spa, or a fine brandy for that fit, confident  guy.

Take note, that among the nice gifts, there must be a box of some gray-be-gone type product, for the last laugh out of your 40th birthday party idea box. Happy 40th!

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