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4 Cup Coffee Maker

The secret to always fresh coffee? As simple as a 4 cup coffee maker!

That favorite American beverage, coffee, is only as good as the coffee used and the freshness of the cup. The coffee connoisseur can not bear a cup that's been sitting in the pot for more than half an hour. There's nothing worse than a cup of Joe that has developed that stale, flat taste acquired by sitting around languishing in the pot. The reason is simple. The essential oils of the bean, which are paramount to good flavor, are quickly lost once the pot's been brewed. If you're single, or a couple of empty nesters, the 4 cup coffee maker was made for you. You'll consume the coffee at the peak of freshness and won't end up pouring any of this expensive beverage down the drain.

If you've got a family or entertain guests often, that 12 cup coffee maker comes in handy. However, if you're working at home today and the rest of the household is out, consider buying a 4 cup coffee maker for those times when you just want a couple of cups. It's so easy and quick to brew this little pot, supplying you with a fresh cup all day long, if you're so inclined.

Most avid coffee drinkers use a mug, rather than a teacup sized container. So keep in mind that while it's called a 4 cup coffee maker, the actual yield in a mug is more like two cups. So much the better for freshness!

These small coffee makers are also useful for those of you who enjoy coffee at all hours. Station that coffee maker on your nightstand or at your desk, for effortless enjoyment while working, reading or watching the tube.

Tired of the time and effort required to make coffee in my French press, I recently purchased a 4 cup coffee maker of the electric persuasion, just for the convenience. I find that it's undeniably faster and I also use less coffee. So this minuscule investment ends up saving money and coffee tossed because it's not up to my standard of freshness.

Now, this is not to say that the coffee you use is not important. A poor quality coffee does not make a good cup of coffee! You don't need to spend a tremendous amount of money on the fancy and expensive boutique coffees. At least one manufacturer of canned coffees now features all Arabica beans, which to my way of thinking, has a better flavor. Arabica also contains less caffeine than the Robusta beans. This is an important consideration for me, because at the rate I consume coffee, I'd probably never sleep if I drank only Robusta.

Now here's the formula for the most flavorful cup of fresh coffee in your new 4 cup coffee maker: start with cold water, adding a tablespoon of good quality coffee for each cup (not mug). Flip the switch. Pour and drink promptly! That's all there is to it!

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