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Blogging for Profit

If you're blogging to generate income, then at some point you have to sell something. This might be via affiliate products, selling ad space, or your own product. There is no other way. However, how you do it makes all the difference to your immediate income and your long term income online.

As a blogger that earns all of my income online, I follow a simple formula when it comes to generating an income from blogging.
What's the formula?

I don't try to sell. Instead I let my content do my selling.

If I provide valuable content then the monetizing will take care of itself. That's always been my methodology.
I see a lot of Internet marketers (some of them are big in the industry) constantly blasting their subscribers with offers. The problem is, this can only last so long.

But this doesn't mean you can't make frequent offers. What it does mean is that valuable content
has to be included with offers.

Let me give you an analogy....

Imagine for a minute that you sit down to watch TV each night. But you only have 2 channels.

One channel only runs commercials and infomercials. Nothing else. Just commercials.
The second channel runs movies, but has short commercials throughout the movie. But for 90% of your viewing time you're getting to watch great movies.

Which channel are you going to watch?
A blog and your email newsletter is like your personal TV station. If you're only broadcasting ads and offers it's not going to be long before your subscribers turn the channel, never to return.

But as long as you're constantly providing value to your subscribers, you can constantly include small offers.
The question I always ask myself when I sit down to write is - "What can I teach in this email or blog post?" or "What value can I give to my readers?"

This is why valuable blogs are able to generate such great income for their owners. They provide epic content - with constant small offers on their blog or within their email.

I've tested both, giving direct offers and content with small offers. The latter always generates the most income and provides long term cash flow. Not only that - it creates a powerful connection with your readers.

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