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Friday, July 22, 2016

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How to Cast Media From Your PC to TV with Google Chrome

Oyetoke Tobi - Friday, July 22, 2016

Google Chrome now has the built-in ability to “cast” media straight from your computer to your TV starting with Google Chrome version 51. To be precise you can also connect it to any device that’s connected to a Google Chromecast device.

With this feature, you can easily cast your pc screen or media with the use of google chrome to your TV. It's also extremely easy to initiate.

So here's how to cast your media from PC to TV using Google Chrome. 

Click on the options menu at the top-left side and select the newly-added Cast action. Just click on the Cast option.

Then this will bring up a list menu whereby you'll be able to see available device and select which device you want to cast onto. You’ll also be able to cast into Google Hangouts in the nearest future!

So once you've selected a device, then this will show up:

With this, you’ll be able to cast your current tab or your entire desktop screen to your TV. But, in case the tab consists a video source, like, you’ll also be able to cast the video or media.

That’s it. And the nice thing about this update release is that Chrome will automatically handle everything behind the scenes, which includes resolutions, bitrates, and so on.


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